We have one of the UK’s longest running Pokemon leagues and run a variety of events including casual events, League Challenges, Prereleases and League Cups. We are based in Hull and have partnered with the University of Hull’s Pokemon Society to provide regular events and build a large community of Pokemon Fans. Check out the event calendar to view upcoming events.

*Note Due to COVID all in-store Pokemon events are currently suspended.

The Play! Pokémon Team Challenge is a global online event designed to offer League Stores new ways to engage with their local Pokémon Trading Card Game Community and compete with other League Stores around the world to see who will be the very best! League Stores from around the world who are already members of the Play! Pokémon Program and run regular Pokémon Leagues in store will be taking part in the Play! Pokémon Team Challenge!

We will run 4 Qualifiers, creating a team where the 4 winners from each game will go on to represent Viridian Forest in the Play-Offs to crown the Best Team in the Play! Pokémon Team Challenge.

Check the event calendar for our qualifier events and join our discord group.

Event Calendar


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