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We at Viridian Forest have always been big on selling cards, but recently we found out that most people aren't aware of the fact that we buy cards as well!

Regardless of whether you want cash or credit, are online or local to us, we want your cards! Many of the cards we sell in our store are traded to us by players like you. In order to help maintain our ever increasing inventory of single cards we are constantly on the lookout for all kinds of cards.

To help facilitate this, we have a special buylist tool that will help you through the process of trading in your cards. If this is your first time selling to us or would to like to learn more, then please read our Buylist Rules and FAQ. We have also adjusted our buylist prices to be even more generous then before.

*Note: If you are selling normal bulk (such as; hundreds of commons) then check out the How to Submit Bulk on how to do that efficiently. Our Buylist currently only supports Pokemon but other TCGs are coming soon. 

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